Solar Geysers

Solar Geysers

By using a solar power to heat your geyser not only will you be doing your bit to save electricity but you will also be reducing your dependence on Eskom.

So converting to a solar heated geyser makes a lot of sense, not to mention saving money on your electricity bill.

Even if you do not go for the DIY option, installing one of the more expensive solar water heating systems will pay you in the medium to long term – in other words its cost will be paid off in the savings you will realise in your electricity bill.

So whether you go for a homemade solar geyser or a professionally installed one, you will be saving energy as well as money.

About Installing a DIY Solar Geyser

Solar Geysers

  1. Tools & SkillsTo make your own homemade water heating system you will need to be fairly good with your hands & will need skills such as woodworking & brazing skills for example.You will also need to have a comprehensive set of tools to perform the above tasks as well.
  2. MaterialsSome of the components & materials that will be needed to build the system are as follows;
    • Solar collector panel
    • Solar geyser which is not the same as a normal high pressure geyser although you may be able to modify your existing geyser to work with the solar panel – you will have to check with a professional in the industry before attempting this though
    • Collector panel which must face north at an angle of around 40°
    • Other material will be things like copper tubing, copper connectors, legths of wood, wood glue, rivet gun & rivets, etc.
  3. How it All WorksThe sun’s rays striking the solar panel will cause it to heat up the water in the copper pipes which will flow into the geyser which must be positioned above the panel.

Another benefit to installing a solar geyser is that Eskom will refund you a percentage of the cost of the installation of an approved solar water heating systems.

So this additional saving is another signifigant incentive to get your solar water geyser installed – a saving in electricity consumption as well as an Eskom rebate, you can’t lose.

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